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Am I really this far along?

Just curious. But, doctors say that you're 11.5 weeks. My due date is June 24th. Does this mean that my baby is really 9.5 weeks old?? They aren't going by my LMP, they are going by my ultra sound. Can anyone please explain how this works? When I count back 11.5 weeks, it doesn't match up to having sex on that date. So when did I conceive. I'm confused. And, are due dates pretty accurate on ultra sound when you're not very far along? Thanks for the help! :)

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    When the doctor talks about things based on the ultrasound, 90% of the time they are talking about the actual age of the baby, so they may mean 11.5 weeks since conception, roughly 13.5 weeks since your last period. this differs from doctor to doctor, and can get quite confusing, you're right!

    based on my last period, the doctor told me Feb. 8th was my due date, then based on the (very early) ultrasound the doctor told me that my son (at that time we didn't know it was a boy) was about two weeks younger than we thought, which would've made my due date around February 22nd, but he never gave me that as my official due date. So the date remained at the 8th, and when I had my next ultrasound (24ish weeks, when we could tell the sex of the baby), the ultrasound technician changed my due date to February 5th.

    I'm inclined to think that the doctor who said my baby was 2 weeks younger than we though was out of his mind, since my most recent ultrasound agrees with the original due date (roughly).

    A lot of times, as the baby gets bigger, especially if you're having a "big" (think 9+ pounds) baby they may think that your baby is older than he really is, they'll move your duedate up by a few weeks, and you'll wind up having a very large baby on or around your due date...making you wonder if these doctors have any clue at all. (This happened to my boyfriend's sister with her first pregnancy...he weighed 10.5 pounds, but he was born on his original due date, not a month early like they had her expecting!)

    I've heard lots of cases of this happening, but apparently it's "uncommon" maybe just because when people have babies on their due date they're less likely to talk about it than those who had mistakes made...

    Also, keep in mind when you're trying to figure out your date of conception, it doesn't have to be EXACTLY 11.5 weeks back, it's just roughly.

    Hope this helps!

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    I found out that I was pregnant on June 25th. On June 29, I had my first OB appointment. My doctor said that according to my LMP, which was May 29, I was 4 weeks and gave me a due date of February 6. The following week, I had some cramping and light bleeding, so I went to the ER. They gave me an ultrasound and by measuring the size of my uterus, determined that I was 5 weeks and 2 days, and gave me a due date of March 11. The February due date didn't make sense because when calculated back, it said that I had conceived around May 15-20. I wasn't with anyone at that time. I met my BF on May 27 and didn't have sex with him until May 29, later on that day, my period began. The last day of my last period was May 31. With the March 11 due date, when calculated back, it says that I conceived on June 1. This due date is much more accurate, even though it is still a little confusing as to how I could have conceived the day after my period ended. I am now 27 weeks and 2 days. You should always trust the due date given to you when they do an ultrasound, it is definately more accurate.

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    If they are going by your ultra sound, then that is not always accurate, because all babies are different sizes..I agree with mom of five they might change your due date a few times..Dr's office also have a chart that they can look up your due date and then let you know around the time the baby was conceive. But if the dr.s are saying that you are 11.5 weeks pregnant. Then you are 11.5 weeks pregnant..give or take a little, not 9.5 weeks.

    (mom of 3)

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    I had a miscarriage and got pregnant the next month so I didn't have any idea when my last LMP was. They used an ultrasound to determine my due date. The due date by the ultrasound was 8/15 and my son was born 8/19 so I would say it is pretty accurate. The earlier in the pregnancy you get the ultrasound the more accurate the due date will be. My 2nd ultrasound gave an earlier due date which my doctor disregarded because she said the earlier one was the most accurate.

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    When I was pregnant with my daughter they dr. gave me 2 diffrenet due dates. One was by my LMP and the other was by ultrasound. They can't be for sure on a due date. When they use ultrasound they can get pretty close as to how far along you are. The date my daughter was born was the due date they gave me from the ultrasound. And plus a woman is pregnant for 40 weeks which is 10 months, even though they say 9 months. I ended up telling people both dates and that I was due between the two dates. If the doctor keeps using one date over and over again, then I would go by that date.

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    Your pregnancy is counted starting the first day of your last period. The ultra sound is most accurate somewhere around the 4th month of your pregnancy. They calculate it based on the size of the baby and his development. The day you had sex isn't necessarily the day you got pregnant. Sperm can survive up to 5 days inside uterus.

    Due dates are just an approximate, you can deliver during two weeks before or after. And your baby would be considered 11.5 weeks not 9.5.

    I used this site and it was great. It sent me weekly newsletters on my baby's development, it also had much more info. Follows up with you all through out your prenancy and after. Good luck and congratulations.

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    I will try and explain this as best as I can, ok you would be about 12 weeks pregnant right now-the baby would be about 10 weeks. When a doctor figures out how far along a woman is they go by your last period which is about 2 weeks before conception. Your conception date would have been around Oct 1st hope that helps.

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    I am due July 10th and I am 9.5 weeks pregnant that would make you two weeks farther along than me. Due dates are very accuate when calculated by ultrasound. I would talk to your doctor to find out when you conceived the baby.

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    Take it from me.. your due date can change 3 or 4 times before you have this baby!!! Relax.. it'll come when it's ready, and that's that..

    (mom of five)

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