Can you play PAL format video games with NTSC video game system? Playstation 2 system.?

I'm trying to buy smakdown vs raw 2007 for Playstation 2 but all I've found is PAL format. This is for a gift but I just don't understand much about formats...Please HELP!...Thanks...

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    First off you need a Modchip or a SwapMagic (I recommend v3.8). Then for a Modchip you need to solder it in your PS2 which requires opening and voiding the warrenty. The SwapMagic does not void you're warrenty. It is a little tricky but becomes easier. However, because PAL games arn't designed to be played here, the image on you're TV will be a little lower than usual. It can get nerveracking so I recommend just grabbing an NTSC version when you can find one. You can get the SwapMagic or Modchip at


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    For the PS2, you can't play PAL games unless you have a PAL PS2. Same thing for the NTSC games and NTSC PS2.

    PAL and NTSC are just codes used in different regions. United States uses NTSC, while Japan uses PAL.

    It's a way for Sony to control where games go. Sony doesn't want people importing games from other countries because that could take away businesses from one region. It's a way for Sony to keep things in balance. It seems silly because the profit from all regions go to Sony. Guess that's why the PS3 is not region coded.

    If you want to play PAL games on a NTSC PS2, you'll have to do some modifications, but it will void your warranty, and you can't send it back to Sony for repairs. You can always buy a PAL PS2 from online sites. You pay a little more, but it's safer.

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    Pal systems are meant for europe and ntsc for the american markets.

    There is a way to enable your ps2 to play both sorts, all you need is get a mod-chip installed in your ps2. A mod-chip is like a small circuit board which bypasses the country restrictions and let you play whichever format you want.

    This is not legal though, but it is rampant, and fake ps2 discs cost 1/4 of their original price!

    make sure you get the mod-chip installed from a reliable source, because installing anything in the ps2 voids the warranty!

    All the best!

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    No you can't play PAL games on an NTSC system. PAL is the type they use in Japan and Europe I believe. NTSC is what we use in North America, so there won't be any way to play a PAL game on a NTSC system.

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