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Why does Comunism sound good on paper but never work out?

As in, helping the greater good sounds good to me; but whenever it has been put into practice it just ends up like tyranny. Is it just human nature?

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  • mmd
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    Communism denies it and so fails.

    Capitalism embraces and exhalts it, so it succeeds.

  • Offkey
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    Just in case people still get confused: communism and socialism are NOT the same thing. Socialism exists in France (where I come from) and Germany, for example, and to a certain extent in England.

    And, I agree with you: communism will never work because of human beings. First of all, people tend to need a leader. We are just animals, after all. And, if I'm not mistaken, communism ask for NO government, therefore no leader. Second, communism stands for equality. But there will always be people who will want more power than others (think Stalin and Lenin, for instance, and ALL THOSE THAT WERE WITH THEM).

    I've never read the Communist Manifesto, so don't know much about communism, actually. But overall, I don't think it's possible to have a FREE communist country, in today's world at least.

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    Communism is old; it was not invented by Karl Marx or is the USSR the only country that has practiced it and failed. Some countries have practiced it successfully and some societies still practice it.

    The early Christians were communist; they held all property in common and shared equally (Acts 2:43-46 RSV)

    The Incas of South America before about 1500 AD were communist. The conquistadors destroyed their civilization.

    The Hutterites of the USA and Canada which are an agricultural Christian sect that originated in European the 1520's are a large and successful communist society. So too to a lesser extent are the Amish of Pennsylvania

    So it is not true that communism has never worked out!

    Source(s): Look up Inca, Hutterite, Amish etc. in wikipedia.
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    Actually, true Communism and presented by Karl Marx. Is a theory that at some future point in history, the modern nation state will be replaced by multi-national corporations. These institutions will become controlled by the people (think mutual funds). So true Communism is alive and well right here in the good ol’US of A. However, Marx envisioned society better for it. Modern communist regimes are built on Lenin’s interpretation of Marx’s work. They are authoritarian because they attempt to skip the step of nation state and go straight to people control, unfortunately this equal government control and is inherently corruptible.

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    It has not worked because it was forced upon everyone. To give freely of your assets must be a choice or one loses the motivation to work hard and be a productive contributor. If everything you worked for was taken from you and given to someone else, would you still work as hard? The inner drive and motivation needs to exist to drive communism to be workable. If you choose to work long hours in order to gain more to give to others it will work for you but not many possess the altruistic inner attitude to do that.

    I'd suggest reading The Molecular Relationship by JJ Dewey. This book shows how a true molecular relationship can work out in society.

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    Human nature. Once we have power and our citizens aren't as powerful. We abuse it. Communism sometimes does sound good, everyone is equal, and no one is richer nor poorer than the other. But that is boring. You can't aspire to have more money. No matter what you'll have the same stuff as your neighbor. you can't get promoted or have a pay raise. It sounds good, but it won't ever work out. history tells us that. Plus Stalin, and lenin's ideas on communism were based on marxism so that one guy is correct.

  • Satan
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    Communism will never work because people are GREEDY. There will always be that one guy who wants power and that is why communism won't work. And technically there has never been a true communist state because there is always a main guy in charge, trying to gain all the power i.e. Stalin.

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    The actual theory of communism has never been disproved, it's just that when actual put into practice it's never done correctly. Marx said that there were stages that had to be gone through before you could have communism and you can't MAKE people communist or you would just be a dictator. That's why it never works out because the people haven't become 'communist' by themselves.

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    Because it assumes men will understand and follow the good and the logical choice, but men are corrupted and selfish at their core. Until communism can properly factor in this huge variable, then it will never pan out practically.

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    Yep. That is correct. Communism, socialism, liberalism ... yeah, they all sound good or look good and altruistic on paper ... but they NEVER work.

    People who believe in these concepts are either

    1. immature

    2. retarded

    3. the people in control (and thus exempt from having to follow the rules or laws of these concepts)

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