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what jeans to wear?

i cant spend more than like 40 bucks per pair short with 'thin ' legs..big hipped..not really jeans for my a size 0 at american eagle..for comparrison purposes!!!


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    welll some times american eagle has sales on jeans but abercrombie and hollister have really good jeans but can be expensive so try to look for clearence in there.or even a mandee store has like 2 full racks of jeans for less than 20 dollars

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    ooh ohh!! i think it's best to go to aeropostale!! thy have some jeans for like $29.99 but everything at aeropostale right now is 50% off until december 30,2006. But anyways 50% off 29.99 is 14.99 i just bought some jeans for that price!! =]

    Source(s): Aeropostale rocks my socks!! and apperently it will rocks yours too! lol.P.S with any 100 dollars you get a free aeropstale bear...Just some exra info.
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    i dont know but 40 dollars you can buy 2 pairs somewhere at the mall

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