Effective pain management WITHOUT the use of drugs?

My Friend just had surgery to remove 2/3 of his liver (cancer). As a result, he's going to have to have a LOT of his meds cut to prevent any further liver damge--his life will depend on it. He's got several other health issues, & there's not a day that goes by where he's not in tremendous pain. He's also on disability, hence limited insurance and income, so alternative treatment options are hard to come by for him. But I'm worried that if he doesn't get some decent relief from his chronic pain he'll start over-medicating again, OR lose all hope & do something to harm himself further. It's really important that we find some highly effective, accessible, drug-free alternatives....am I asking for a miracle?

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    There are alternative to medication, here are a few: TENS Unit (small box that has electrical cord with two pads at the end. Place pad on either side of pain and turn on to about what you can stand. It sends electrical stimulation to the skin which will circumvent the pain messages from getting to the brain. Medicare will pay for it if ordered by doctor. It works really well for me on my back, neck, headaches, torn tendon. Also acupuncture in known to relieve pain in many people. I don't know the cost where you are but look up in yellow pages and call around...Drink lots and lots of water to detox the liver....Pain is an awful debilitater...It affects your entire life...I hope this helps....He can also get an order from doctor for pain control from physical therapy. They will apply hot packs and do ultrasound to back and painful muscles and joints....

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    MSM seems to help some people with pain problems. Take 500 mg daily then increase dose by 500 mg daily up to a maximum daily intake of 8000 mg (8 grams) in divided doses. Get him some milk thistle herb to help support and protect what is left of his liver.

    Good luck and God bless!

    Source(s): The Miracle of MSM - Jacob and Lawrence Miracle Cures - Jean Carper
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    Oh, Jesus! I think this is a very difficult question. I do hope you get an answer and your friend recover well.

    love and prayers...

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