i need sum serious help plz!!! is this ok?

ok so me n my ex started talkin after 2 months of not talkin we went out for 2 yrs n we were eacho thers 1st loves.i love him very much n i kno he loves me.but i have a problem.he has a habit of not really callin ony at nite like after midnite.n he only txts me once in the day.i dunno y but this irritates me.well ill tell u my situation now.so a day ago i wrote him an email about how i feel bout sum things n wat i was goin thru n he thanked me n told me he appreciated the email n he loves me. he txted me goodmornin n that was it. he did not call at nite or anything.so i called him but he iddnt answer so he calls dis mornin n was like u called last nite? i was lika ya n he was like was there sumthin uwanted to say? i just told him that i jsut calld to say goodnite then he toldme htat he got in trouble wit his fam n i understand how he gets in those situations.so i cudnt really mention anyhting of how i felt.i helped him out but he had to g to work. i kno im not gonna c him 4 awhile.


i barely see him n i miss him. y do i get so irritated at him wen he dont call? like i kno i shudnt cuz i kno he loves me but i jsut cant help it. n now we dont talk as much i dunno maybe im trippin but i need sum advice on how to deal wit this. sumtimes i think im puttin in more of an effort but i kno guys are different in how they do things i kno girls dwell n think bout things while guys are differnet please help me wit sum good advice bout y i get irritated n wat i shud do do make things better. thanks

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    well i think that u get irritated cause u like to talk to him a lot, u probably wish u could talk to him everyday. u porb do luv him but u gotta understand that maybe he has things to do. just talk to him.

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    nicely there may definately be some attraciton, even with the undeniable fact that she may also only be a astounding pleasant individual. One hug does no longer mean she's in love, only for common understanding. attempt to flirt at the same time which includes her, be passable and pleasant, (even with the undeniable fact that now no longer cocky!) and word how she responds. once you've gotten gotten slightly of closer may be casually ask if she's enthusiastic about someone...you adult males are 16, she will be in a position to should be geared up to handle that style of question. good fulfillment

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    I honestly can't just a man who only calls and texts me once a day. Clearly he's spending his time doing something. regardless if he works, there is 24hrs in a day, that's enough time to pick up the phone.

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    Honey, if he really loved you and was into you, he would find time for you no matter what kind of trouble he was in. Try not taking his calls for a while and see how he feels about it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sit him down and tell him exactly how you feel. If that doesnt help, try not answering his calls. He might realise he should try. But talk first.

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    Learn to spell.

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    I can't beleive I just read that whole thing. I just wasted my precious time reading your bable of wo is me.

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