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what the newest AFI cd that came out?

i was just wondeing what is the newest AFI cd that came out? i was wondering because i wanted to get it for someone as a surprise for a present.


*thanks everyone ^_^

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    Decemberunderground....it came out 6-6-06.

    Because I bought it the day it came out at hot topic. BUT heres proof.


    Source(s): Ana xx and wiki :]
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    december underground is the latest then

    (from newest to oldest)

    sing the sorrow

    (at this point nitro records put out a best of album titles AFI)

    art of drowning

    All hallows EP

    black sails in the sunset

    Black sails EP

    shut your mouth and open your eyes

    AFI EP

    answer that and stay fashionable

    very proud of ya

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    The newest A.F.I cd to come out was Decemberunderground.

    I came out on the 6th of June in the U.S and the 24th internationally if I'm correct.

    Source(s): My friend is an A.F.I fan ...
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    its one of their best albums yet

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    Could be



    maximum afi

    check out this link


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    december underground?

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