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Is this more likely than not?

a child is standing on a sofa trying to balance on a soccer ball, somehow the child falls on the floor breaking his femur bone. does this seem likely or even possible? the femur bone is the strongest bone in the body. whats your opinion?


it's broken. they have my nephew in a body cast all the way up to his chest.

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    depending on how they fall, anything is possible, especially in a child their bones are not as strong as adults.

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    there is like a 1000:1 chance of the child breaking his femur bone. Since the femur bone is so strong, it is very hard to break by just falling. There has to be a very violent impact to the femur bone for it to break. It is not very likely at all that the femur bone is broken.

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    Yes. My aunt slipped on ice outside and broke her femur. It's completely possible.

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    Yes, it's highly possible in a younger child.

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    yes because a childs bones are not fully grown until after puberty and are not fully stond until teenage years.

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    if he broke it, i guess it's possible.

    who the hell was watching the kid? not a good idea to do a stunt like that at all.

    "somehow" he falls? he's lucky he didn't break his neck. how old is he?

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