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I am tryin2 find a way 2 straighten my hair and it not mess up from static electricity??

Please help! I really dont wanna use any of those products that can damage your hair


I use a flat iron but it still gets messed up

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    A great way to straighten your hair, is if you have long hair, then clip it perfectly flat to one side of your head while its wet, and blow dry it. Also try using Straightening Irons. Use conair, I have been using that. If your hair gets a little frizzy from the Iron (which it probobly will) then run your hair brush under water and brush out your hair again. If you are a boy and happen to have short hair, just use goop.

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    the path to straight hair begins in the shower. choose a shampoo/conditioner that is made for heat protection (themasilk is a great brand).

    make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before you begin to straighten it. I like to air dry my hair, though blow drying it straight works well for people with very wavy/curly hair.

    choose a straightener with ceramic plates and a good temperature (try a professional brand from sephora or ulta). The ceramic plates will prevent your hair from getting damaged.

    consider a leave in conditioning spray (i like Dove brand) before straightening to add moisture.

    and the BIG secret for keeping static at bay: dryer sheets. Keep a few stashed away for this purpose. wrap the sheet around your fingers and gently run it over the flyaways as though you were combing your hair. use a gentle touch, or your hair will feel greasy.

    good luck!

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    Pretty much all the devices used to straighten hair can damage it. Heat and chemicals are both bad for your hair. If you want straight hair, then I would suggest getting a relaxer. I don't know why people bother with heat everyday anyway. It seems like a chore to wake up and do that everyday.

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    I get Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops for my daughter. Put in a small amount while your hair is damp and then you can use it as a finishing product also to make your hair shine more. Just don't use too much or your hair will end up looking oily.

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    Flat iron works really well. you dont have to use it every day, once or twice a week shouldnt damage the hair if you use a heat protectant on it 1st.

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    GHDs.... the ceramic reduces damage and Frizz and a little hair serum.

  • Some hairsprays cut out static,NOT the kind in the pump can the kind in the other can.

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    Aveda hair spray works well

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    flat iron are fine as long as you don't use them ever single day!theres this priduct called"chi" and it really works for me ! it oes not damage your hair.

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