Where can I watch the Lenny Henry Show online?

Im from the US and from what Ive seen the Lenny Henry Show is very funny. But the BBC we have here doesnt show it to us. Are there any websites online where I can watch the show for free?

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    Source(s): are you talking about this???
  • 4 years ago

    Stopped about ten minutes in the past. dull as each and everything else he's performed and by no skill remotely like a number of OU route i have ever performed. Did you word the first episode of Extras sequence 2 even as Gervais took a swipe at Lenny Henry? His personality is requested with techniques from Keith Chegwin to call one humorous black, British comic. he's suffering so seems around the fairway room, sees a image of Lenny Henry and nonetheless stands there umming and arring. large.

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