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Can I use the nuva ring to delay my next period? (i.e insert the ring 2 weeks beforemy period)?

I want to delay my nexy period. I have heard of using the pill to do this but can you delay your period with the nuva ring by inserting it two weeks before your actual period and keeping it in for 3 weeks?

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    You can actually just keep the ring in for 4 weeks instead of 3. Just don't take it out the week you're supposed to have your period. It will still release hormones. Just make sure to put a new one in after 4 weeks! My doctor told me if I wanted to skip my periods to just leave it in for 4 weeks. But you might have some spotting, depending on how heavy your periods are and whether you've been on birth control for a while.

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    the cool element bearing directly to the nuva ring is which you do not could have a era. purely put in the hoop and you will haven't any bleeding. Yah! you could shop it in until its via get replaced and have your era then, or pass it returned. my physician gave me this recommendation while i all started my nuva ring 2 years in the past.

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    talk to your doc about that...I haven't heard of anyone on the ring trying to avoid periods...

    I'm on the shot...haven't had a period in's awesome.

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