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i'm from Russia (Moscow). want to become acquainted with American girl for communication!?

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    Some of those answers you have received are shameful, not every one in the west is an idiot. The best way is to find Americans in Moscow, there are many, I lived in Moscow in 1992/3 and there were many Americans there, go to the bars at the large hotels in Moscow, the Radison Slavyonskia is a good one. Also the gym in that hotel is a good place to meet American girls.

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    One I have had the exhilaration to understand for over 40 years, dang i'm previous. i'm grateful generic that my actual blue delivered me right here. i ought to were lost those previous 4 months if she had not delivered me right here. It has filled a hollow in my heart I now not experience on my own ever. I have met this kind of vast quantity of human beings from throughout i does not have had the chance to satisfy. some contacts established me only on my actual blues call & i'm continuously grateful for that:)

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    Your in the wrong place.

    Onion eater.

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    I have nothing against commies...

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    1 decade ago

    ok but what stop u doing that?im sorry but im not from america and i cant help u..........good luck

  • ken j
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    1 decade ago

    american girls do not like commies

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