I want a HEELIES AIR shoes size chart?

I am in need for a Heelies AIR shoe size chart for kids and adult sizes.

Or you could tell me what HELLIES AIR shoe size would fit me. I wear normal 4 1/2 or 10" tall shoe

I saw a size chart on EBAY that said I would be a size 7 is this correct size chart?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I called the company directly. They only come in full sizes..no half sizes so round up. They also are ONE FULL SIZE SMALLER than normal. My little boy is a 1 1/2..round up to size 2, then add one size because they're small...equals a size 3. Hope this helps.


    Source(s): 1-866-HEELING Heelys Air Company
  • huezo
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    4 years ago

    The link decrease than will take you to a internet site that has a conversion chart for countless producer's, alongside with Heelys. A US adult adult males's length 10, is a uk adult adult males's length 9. additionally, Heelys traditionally extra healthful approximately one length too small, so they propose to purchase one length extra effective than commonly used. (overjoyed to hearken to which you enjoyed Sanctuary - keep listening!). notice: to make clean the factor touching directly to the extra effective length - i might say which you easily could upload that length onto the U. S. length,ie., uk length 8 is US length 9, then upload a million length = Heelys length 10

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