shaky bmw part 2?

i went to a shop today and they swore that the shake in my steering wheel was originating from bad struts. how could struts cause a shaking front end on my 93 318i. it shakes from 35 to 50 mph and then levels off again. there is defiinetly something wrong with them because when he would push the wheel up and down, it would freeze sometimes and other times the wheel could be pried up and down like 5 inches. allthough there is something wrong with them for sure why would it shake the car so hard? has anyone ever heard of a strut that was so bad the steering whell would shake? what would START the shaking? i can see how after it started shaking it might have trouble stopping a shake, but how could it cause one to begin with?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would have never suspected the struts in the first place, the first thing I would do is check all the tires for wheel balance and if everything checked out there I would check the front end parts and then align it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Some times when you have a bad strut in the front end and a slight tire imbalance the tire will bounce going down the road. This will result in a shakey steering wheel. So like the above stated get te tires checked as well. It might be worth it.

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    Novaman is on the money again.... My S type was doing the same thing. It ended up that the balancing weight was knocked off when my wife was putting her own custom touches on the wheels by grinding them down a curb.

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