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why has my urine more coloured recently? I mean before it was clear with a little colour. Help would be great!


I'm not taking vitamins and not eating beets

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    Is your urine cloudy? Pinkish? Is there a thick mucus/ pus sediment to it? Are you experiencing pain, burning, pressure, or other discomfort when urinating? These are the classic signs of a UTI, or urinary tract infection. One thing you can do every day to keep your system clean and flushed is to drink at least eight glasses of water, and also cranberry juice - it has an acidic enough Ph to destroy a lot of UTI's before they get started. Mega vitamins usually give a high, bright, neon color, and dehydration, as stated previously, will increase the concentration of urine, causing it to become dark amber in color. Any pinkish or red in your urine should be reported to your family doctor right away.

    Source(s): I'm a LPN. (Licensed Practical Nurse)
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    It can be caused by a number of things depending on what color you are talking about. If it more yellow or even brown. That can mean that you are becoming dehydrated. Take mental note of how you are doing on fluid consumption. Vitamins will also cause some changes, but this is not much to of a concern. just make sure you are getting enough water.

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    firstly, you got the word 'clear' wrong, you mean colorless urine can be yellow tinted and clear, meaning you can see through them colorless urine means you got plenty of water, and it has become very diluted to the point where you cant see the color. urea makes the urine yellow. even if your urine is colorless, urea is still present. if urea is absent, you got problems with your kidneys. if you dont expel urine from your body, your sclera, which is the white part of your eyes will turn yellow. that is not good vitamins and nutrients that are absorbed by the body will not be expelled by the body. there is a big problem if ever your body expels vitamins. it means your kidneys arent working excretion is the process of eliminating unwanted toxic wastes from your body. overall, it doesnt matter if its yellow or clear, unless its a really dark yellow, almost orange color. you should at least urinate 3 times a day dont drink gallons of water within a few hours, you'll overwork your kidneys and that will cause kidney failure.

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    Drink more water! At least a quart a day, and are you eating something now that you weren't before?

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    Stop taking vitamins

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    The more water you drink the more clearer urine is.

    Source(s): Military experience, forced to drink water all day
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    this is useually the last sign that you are not drinking enogh water.

    Drink atleast 8 glases per day.

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    Time for you to see your doctor who can give you professional medical advice. People on this site cannot.


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    Drinking less water than usual can cause that.

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    Are you eating beets?

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