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What does the term "glowing " mean?

What does it mean when someone say that you are "glowing"?I know people usually say that too woman who are pregnant, which I am not, does anyone have a clue?

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    Its a way of keeping a woman sounding "feminine". "Women don't sweat, they glow."

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    This is a compliment. They are telling you that you look very happy & contented, and that your emotion shows on your face and in your actions. Yes, people say this to pregnant women, but they also say this to women in love. Essentially, women "glow" when they are so happy that they can't help but smile - even when they don't know people are looking.

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    it refers to the inner person. when you are very happy, content, full of life, etc you may be said to be glowing. also if you have caught on fire this may be used.

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    It means you look good and healthy.

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