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So I saw this ad for a new supplement called Aplodan. Anyone have any knowledge of it/its release date?

Beyond the stupid hype, I mean - anyone (including me) could just copy paste from a website sponsored by the makers. Is dormant muscle fiber a concept that most physiologists would agree with even, et cetera? And yeah, anyone know when it's supposed to get out anyway or how much green it'll be for a supply?

Probably as much as like, Gakic or Endothill. I dunno though.

Hey thanks a lot for being educated before answering....

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    The release date, tenatively is 02/14/2007. Aplodan was used to treat people with Lou Gehrig's disease or ACS. It was used to preserve muscle being deteriorated by the disease. In the bodybuilding world, I assume it is to prevent breakdown of muscle. I did find a lot of this at the online patent office so it is real and it is out there but how it affects a normal person who is not suffering from muscle deterioration, I don't know. I'm guessing it could be a crap shoot where it will work for some but not for everyone. Like people react different to Arginine than others. Furthermore, I doubt that it's 100% Aplodan. There may be other ingredients in it that probably help it along.

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