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Setting--a liberal nazi takes over the world--wonder wat the book?

As a thought experiment, I wonder how the message behind 'brave new world' would change if instead--the follwing happened: a liberal nazi comes to rule the USA--where it depicts a gay nazi ruler of the 'world institution'

The world institution, is a reformed world order after the 'collapse' which woule have happened in 2018, after a skirmish with China over resources and global economic downturn after a nuclear detonation in Washington with no culprit in sight. In the downturn, there is a shortage of water in the midwest and California due to global warming, causes a cesation from the union, followed by Texas. Thus causing America to become the 'shattered Union.' The one who obtains power in America in the east, is a liberal professor who takes over the goverment and is an extremist, and tries to 'pacify' and 'sterilize' any threat to the already 'shattered union.'

The professor makes it mandatory for tolerance and complete conformity to the norm to become punishable by


either death or extreme humiliation (public ceremonies of rape on TV of those non-conformists)..

The basic tenent of this new 'world institution' is that everybody should be silently 'expected' to give back to society, and frowned and looked down upon if not. The mindset is very socialist, and conformity, it goes, because democracy is based on the majority, the optimum way to preserve freedom...because when the majority goes, then so does freedom.

So in order to maintain democracy, one must conform to the feelings of the masses, almost like a hive mind.

In this new 'totalitarian democracy' the individual is not recognized, and an atmosphere of "screw the individual for the whole presides"---...collectivism takes over...

Thus, when the leader of the glorious "world institution" decides how to engage in warfare..he takes in numbers instead of individuals..

what ends up happening is that the liberal nazi takes over the rest of the USA...and the ideology then

Update 2:

shifts to Europe through the 'allied forces' which came from Europe to pacify the 'shattered union'....In the end of such a plot, the whole world would take the idea of 'collectivism' as a quick recourse to satisfy their problems because

(1) it is justified morally what they could not do otherwhise (kill millions of innocent people under the hood of 'moralism') under the rules of democracy; democracy is about the majority, so majority rules even if an individual must die, for the good of the whole.

thus, suppressing human rights....which would be the irony...the conformity to the 'whole' and the morals of democracy, would be turned upside down...

it would mean the suppression of the individual...for the good of the collective...and justified morally by 'democracy' and its 'the only fair way' to distribute resources or face strife...

so, thus, it gives a moral shield to genocide,etc, etc...that a totalitarian system would not have...

Update 3:

The whole world becomes secularized and varios religions also abolished, going under the name of 'one religion, one mind, one goal' --which is a stripped religion of all the glamour that emphasizes on selflessness, the good of the whole, the necessity to conform, etc.

In the very end the liberal professor is found to be a sick pedophile who engages in bondage. This is found out just after his 'con-memoration' services for 'conformity to political correctness, the world union, world peace, and pacification' ...

just before that he also gets a huge statue of himself on the same scale of the statue of liberty, which is then viewed as a 'failed' symbol toward freedom...for it has too many 'individual' qualities, while the professor was viewed as 'selfless' being and as a symbol of that reflection.

The plot would end with the professor killing himself.

Update 4:

sorry---I rephrased the question wrong.

Its not a book--its my thought experiment.

Update 5:

haha....4th are the use of the word 'specious'..nice..

My pretense is too much for you? well, it is indeed routed in my feelings...all thoughts are associations and thereafter, my associative thinking allowed me view a world that was indeed under such a pretense.

I think the core of my pretense is true...therefore, if it reveals itself to, in fact, be may find my arguement just as alluring, but much more convincing.

Update 6:

I may have given you more credit than you deserved, given your a liberal (I infered)---your too much of an uptight twit to view beyond your own ***. lol.

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    Sounds interesting and frightening.

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    its called Mein Kamf

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    It IS the future

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    This is entirely specious.

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