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Why are cameras listed under consumer electronics and not photography?

I realize that photography can take many forms- not all of them utilizing cameras, but I feel that cameras and photography are inexorability linked in peoples minds.

I have been answering questions in "photography" for over a month and just today noticed that there was a camera category.

I think that photography and cameras should be co-located, with perhaps a photography main category with a camera sub-category - as well as possibly others, such as photography classes, digital and film, etc.

These are just some examples for consideration.

I think that photography is a large part of our daily lives, and as such should be in an easy to locate and combined section so that questions and answers flow naturally in between them.


Yes, I'd thought of linking them together - didn't know if that was possible however.

Excellent suggestion if it can be done.

Update 2:

All the more reason for combining them. Thanks!

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    maybe they should be listed under both headings.

  • Jane
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    1 decade ago

    Thanks for the suggestion, Jon! We currently separate these so users can find the most appropriate topics both under Arts & Humanities and under Consumer Electronics, but I can definitely see these categories should be combined. I'm not sure if we can come up with something more appropriate using the current main category layout, but we'll keep this in mind as we work to improve category options all the way around.

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    But not everyone think's alike'.That's why they put it a general form.

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