bearded dragon not well (yellow stuff on mouth, losing weigh) :(?

O.k so the temp, setting, etc etc is good in the tank but my beardie has yellow stuff on the end of her mouth as well as on the end of her tongue. She is losing weight and sometimes wont move her back legs :( The earliest vet apt is Thursday.. any help??


She is going to the bathroom fine.. three times a day so not sure constipation is the problem...

Update 2:

Thank you for all of your replies ;)

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    This sounds very much like stomatitis (mouth rot). It can only be treated with antibiotics. There must be an underlying problem why she would have this since it's a secondary infection to an existing problem. Did she bite down on something and lose a few teeth? Has she hit her snout on the side of the aquarium or other object? You say the temps are good, but are they really? I don't necessarily doubt you, but many people find the temps aren't right when they thought they were. Basking should be between 100 - 105, ambient about 85, cool end/night 70.

    You can start a little mini-treatment until you can get to the vet. !!Disclaimer!! I AM NOT A VET and this should not be substituted for going to the keep your appt.. Following instruction from the Internet is strictly at your own risk.

    Get some Betadine (povidone-iodine). Mix a very small amount into some water until it looks like very weak tea. Get a q-tip and saturate it. Gently wipe off the crust with warm water and cleanse with the Betadine solution. Don't use so much that your beardie swallows it. Do this 3x daily until your vet appt.

    Make sure she still drinks...even if it means gently using a syringe (no needle) to get past her mouth injury. Gently squirt the water as close to the back of the mouth as possible since the airway is under the front of the tongue. You may be able to get in a little food this way, too. Water is the biggest issue, though. She can go without that longer than she can without water. Her mouth hurts which will be the reason for her lack of appetite. If the infection is bad enough it will become a systemic problem resulting in eventual death without aggressive treatment. It is VERY treatable...just be diligent and follow the vet's instruction...:-)

    Best of luck to you and your dragon...:-)

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    Considering the bearded dragon's bowel movements tend to be a very liquid-y, it could be a bowel movement. It's not urine. Their urine usually isn't yellow and usually is released at the same time as their bowel movements. It's probably nothing to worry about. You could try switching the squash out for another vegetable of a different color and see if it happens again. If it doesn't, it was squash poop!

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    C'mon folks!!! There has to be SOMEONE out there that has the

    experience behind them to help this person out.

    Sounds like a fungal infection to me,but my knowledge to this

    type of infection is limited to tropical fish.When applicable to them,it's a very serious condition.

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    Syringe water and Pedialite. give her warm baths.

    It will prevent dehydration.

    When my beardie Iggy wasn't eating(constipation),I gave him some Pedialite and 30 minutes later, he was running around like normal.

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