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Advice for an anorexic?

I've tried to be comfortable with who I am. But no matter what I do, I feel worthless, fat, and ugly. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to be who I want to be. And now I'm anorexic. I scored a modeling job and have been in some Smucker's adds. But I feel fake. Like I have to not eat to be beautiful. What should I do? My parents are proud of me for being this way. They are completely supportive. My mom once tried to pressure me into plastic surgery and I was so close to getting a boob job. I need help. What is the best advice you can give for a sick anorexic?

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    Do alot of body toning and eat moderatly. I stopped working out november of last year and the results still stay with me today. Firm up really good, but you do not want to get muscualr. That extra tone goes a long way not only to burn calories but to give you an even curvier healthy look.

    If you still want to do surgery, which I would absolutely advise against, then that same working out will help you recover faster. workout would include anerobics involving 2 15-20 lbs dumbbells.

  • I am SO sorry you had to go through this-I'm not anorexic myself, but I have some close friends who've gone through that-one as early as sixth grade.

    You really need help, and now. Don't feel bad for being anorexic-the world today is pressuring more and more girls to that path, and it's been proven that some eating disorders are biological. Is there anyone in your life that you feel like you can trust enough to tell them, who won't just tell you that's a good thing for modeling?

    If not, seek out help yourself. There are many clinics that you can go to, which will help you feel comfortable with yourself and gain back the weight in a healthy way. You heard about that little model who died recently from anorexia?

    Don't be her.

    Get help, and find someone to talk to. Don't be ashamed, it's not your fault.

    Good luck, and I wish you well!!!

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    I understand perfectly your situation. The preasure for being beautiful, accepted is a big burden for a lot of us. Nevertheless, the problem cannot be adressed one way only. It's not a matter of eating/not eating. It is a matter of being healthy, and health requires several variables: nutrition, exercise and mental stability are to me the most important.

    I am all for plastic surgery when they are focused on making you feel/look better. I am against it when it screws mental stability.

    So, my advice is: keep eating, and make some constant exercise... and read. Read, read, read anything you can find on the themes you are passionate about.

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    Okay, calm down and pay attention. When I read this I really felt bad for you, so I have done some research to add to what I already knew, and I hope this can help. I'm only 13 and although I feel mostly comfortable with my body, I can relate to some of the things you are going through.

    Good for you for trying to become comfortable with who you are. That shows that no matter how insecure you are with yourself, you are still a strong girl who can kick butt!!!! Anyone who can admit that they have a problem when they have parents like yours is truly an inspiration to me. :)

    Ok, first let's start with modeling. If it is absolutely your life's dream, then I suggest you really reevaluate what is important to you. If you are just doing it because it's glamorous and fun, then STOP. It is a well known fact, and not just a stereotype, that models are constantly pressured by their employers to get even skinnier than they already are, no matter how sickly and ill they may be. You would not believe how poorly people treat models, and how much pressure they are under to be perfect. Over all, they are definitely not the happy, carefree people that they appear to be.

    Your parents are betraying you and not doing their job if they have that kind of an attitude towards your illness. I am glad that you understand that what they are doing is not okay. Thank god you didn't get a boob job! I have normal sized boobs but would give anything to have small, delicate ones (think Trinny on what-not-to-wear.) I strongly suggest that you talk to an adult you trust and tell them what you are going through. There are counselors at most schools in the U.S. who would be glad to help and legally have to do something about your situation. Also, if you tell your parents that you want to go to a therapist (they're not for crazy people, I go to one and she's really nice. We just talk about everyday things, like school and stuff. In your situation, you should tell her about your sickness and she can help you to overcome it. Many anorexics have sought help this way and have been cured.) And the best part about going to a therapist is that not only are they covered for free by most insurance plans, but LEGALLY YOUR PARENTS HAVE TO TAKE YOU TO ONE IF YOU REQUEST IT OR ELSE THEY ARE BREAKING A LAW!!! They are powerless to refuse you the help that you truly need.

    If you don't feel ready to try that, I suggest taking up a healthy role-model. NOT one that is a super-skinny waif, but a healthy one with great curves and who is comfortable in her own skin. I obsess about my thighs every day and to feel better, I think about Angelina Jolie and how she is muscular like me, but she still looks great! Brad Pitt doesn't seem to mind that she's not a skeleton, either. She's a great role model for me because she's very comfortable with herself and has a realistic body type, unlike most celebrities. You can tell that she's not going to go on some stupid fad diet just to get attention. Another beautiful and healthy celeb is Anne Hathaway. She's gorgeous, but has some meat on her bones! It's great to see that the Emergency Room look is slowly going out of style.

    Remember, real women don't look like airbrushed models. REAL WOMEN look like your neighbor, your teacher, and your aunt.

    No matter what, you are beautiful. But when you are anorexic, you truly have an illness that nobody deserves (and is simple to cure with treatment). Therefore, you are unable to enjoy your beauty because you simply can't see it.

    Please feel free to email me at anytime to just talk. I'd love to hear from you!

    God bless, I wish you nothing but inner peace and the best of luck! Remember to look for magic and see it all around you. Miracles happen every day!

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    first off i know what you are going through i have felt like you do and second you shouldnt let your mom push you into something she should love you as you are

    now you need to remember that you need to eat and that there are plenty of things to do to stay fit or you could watch what you eat also you should find a friend you could talk to or a suport group and talk to them just be sure to take care of yourself

    good luck


    it may surprise you but i was watching the tyra show the other night and she had women that didnt like their body well she asked a bunch of guys about pictures of girls who were fit, big, skinny and in between and they all said that they liked the bigger girls and that they like girls who are confident in themselves i dont know if this helps because i think you are looking at your body this way due to your modeling but also remember that models dont look like they do in their pictures

    ggod luck hope this helped

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    just eat!! why would u even do that too yourself?? just act fun and who cares what you look like!! im not skinny but im not a big ball of fat either its' not like all guys' like skinny girls some prefer them but most like girls' too be themselves and make them laugh and be outgoing but......ur parents should be proud of you no matter what!! they should think ur perfect before u were anorexic..please go bac too eating normally its' more dangerous too not eat than too eat..maybe instead of modeling try a sport i play basketball

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    If she's anorexic, she cant just eat, its probably not that simple for her. Its a disease and you'll have to get professional help to stop.

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    Check dis out :

    Youtube thumbnail

    and remember that it doesn't matter what other people want you to be. YOU feel fake and uncomftorable and you feel like what you're doing is wrong..then stop

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    EAT!!!! you can still be a model. all you have to do is eat and exercise.

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