Is there a way of burning mp4 protected audio files bought on itunes with Nero as an nrg or iso?

(I don't have a burner on my computer - it's budget and ancient)



So does anyone know how to burn an iso/image file to save having to burn files to a cd? Remember, I'm trying to burn itunes AAC encoded audio files (.m4p not .m4a) into an image so I can either burn a cd from that image directly because I have no CD burner (and don't want to buy one solely for that). I don't believe I can use itunes to burn an image. Can anyone help me?

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    If you're wanting to do something like that, take a look at an external CD burner that connects via USB. Then use iTunes to make an audio CD of the tracks that you want. You have the option through iTunes to make an audio CD or a data CD. If you make the audio CD then you can take it on the road with you, and even load the tracks onto another computer.

    Hope that helped.

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    You can use for all your mp4 related needs.

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