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In would I say this..?

If I wanted to say "I needed to study for school" would I say

"necesité estudiar para escuela."

Thanks for any help! :)


And how would I say "this week I have exams."?

Esta semana yo tengo los exámenes.

Is that right?

Update 2:

what verb is "tuve" derived from??

is it "needed to?"

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    Tuve que estudiar para la escuela.

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    I needed to study for school = tuve que estudiar para la escuela/para el colegio.

    this week I have exams = ésta semana tengo exámenes

    Its me - just in case exámenes has an accent.

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    U should say : Tenia que estudiar para la escuela

    and the correct way should be :Esta semana tengo examenes

    Source(s): Im a native spanish speaker !
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    "I needed to study for school" can be translated in various contexts. A better way to say it than the one you proposed is, "Tuve que estudiar." School isn't needed since it's understood that the studying is for school. You can say, "Tuve que estudiar para mis clases," which is, "I needed (had to) study for my classes." If it's one class, "Tuve que estudiar para mi clase," or, "para la clase de __________" The last phrase is, "I needed to (had to) study for mi class," or "for the _________ class." Put the name of the class in the blank space. These are basically the shortest and most appropriat forms for expressing the idea.

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    No, I haven't begun to satisfy the longer term subjunctive external literary texts of the 18th century and prior and doubt that greater than a only a few very good informed Spanish audio system would even inform you its types (it's not even for your record!). This is one in every of its variations from Poruguese, in which the longer term subjunctive continues to be in average daily use. The ancient pluperfect has changed the beyond subjunctive in so much of Spain and the entire Americas. I do not bear in mind assembly the plural of the valuable external Spain. But suggesting that English is someway "less complicated" than Spanish? Can you be severe? How many foreigners have you ever met equipped of realizing, e.g., whilst to make use of the gift functional as opposed to the gift continous in English, use the right nerve-racking after "in view that" or follow the series of tenses: issues that the local speaker has mastered earlier than she or he turns 5?

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    Necesito estudiar para la escuela.

    There are other ways to say it, but this is what I'd use.

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    I would say that your spanish is very good, not perfect, but very understandable.

    keep it going!

    One who's speack two or more languages nowdays will have more chances in life.

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    You say "I need to study for school" screw spanish...

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    Excellent :-) you are correct.

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