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The Most Dangerous Game?

What are two examples of forshadowing the ultimate game played?

What are two examles of animal imagery?

We had to come up with five...but I only have 3 for each of those..

please help!

Thanks && have a nice weekend!

happy holidaysssssssss =]

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    Even though I think you should do your own homework, I just can't keep from discussing this tremendous story.

    What about Rainsford's impression after he first sees Zaroff? Zaroff has "red lips and pointed teeth." Vampires were a hot topic when this story was written in the 1920's, and I think this image may refer both to the vampire image and to Zaroff's animalistic behavior.

    Not exactly foreshadowing, but certainly in the game motif, is Zaroff's last comment to Rainsford. "On guard" (not the traditional French spelling) is a traditional greeting to someone about to engage in a dueling match, another kind of game. Zaroff is playing a game to the end.

    And "One of us is to furnish a repast for the dogs." This image of the loser being fed to the hunting dogs is a vivid reminder of the seriousness of this game, tying together both parts of your question.

    How's that for some solid evidence? Now re-read the story yourself.

  • animal imagery...the dog falling into the hole, the dogs pulling that BIG guy, ummm thats all i can think of sorry

    foreshadowing... Rainsford running away in the woods, Rainsford jumping of cliff into water and Rainsford coming back to thats guys house and hiding behind the curtain

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    foreshadowing: when general zarrof was telling rainsford about the animals that he hunts. another is when whittney was talking bout the island that evryones scared of and it was darkand nightime.

    im not sure wat animal imagery is but heres my guess. it has something to do with hoe he was talking bout animals(cougars?)and how they dont have feling and then he was the one being hunted like he was the cougar.

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    I read that story a couple weeks ago in English. I'm sorry I can't recall either of those.

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