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how do you like your hotwings? honey, BBQ, hot, other?

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    I like my Nuclear Stregnth.

    I dredge them in a flour/salt/garlic/cayenne pepper mix, fry til crispy (but not cooked through) then soak them in a combination of Tapatio hot sauce and Crystal Extra Hot hot sauce with a bit of melted butter and a dash of salt while I fry the next batch. Then it was into a baking dish with them in a single layer. After they're all fried/soaked, I pour the remaining hot sauce mix over all and bake 10-15 minutes at 400 to glaze them a bit better and cook them through. My ex used to sit with tears streaming down his face and say "You monster! What did you do to the wings?" but he wouldn't quit eating them. They are insanely hot, but have a good flavor.


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    My favourite recipe:

    Marinate some chicken wings/drumsticks in chopped garlic and ginger, and soy sauce (add some water otherwise it would be really salty). Then roast with honey and chilli flakes.

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    BBQ,but there used to be this one wing place in my town but they shut down and they had a HUGE variety I loved the Terriaki they had

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    honey and bbq

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    suicidal, and keep bringing the beers!

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    The spicier they are the better.

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