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Is this the right thing to do??

I'm in love with someone who's with someone.This has left medepressed and jealous.I don't want to be around either of them.I don't want to see either of them,so I plan to avoid them.They are my friends,but I don't think I can be too friendly towards them.Being in their presence will probably make me feel worse..Is this the right thing to do?

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    Keep being their friend, this is an awkward situation so it's the best thing to do. Don't be too close, let them know that you still care but also safe yourself from those uncomfortable moments. Good luck

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    You better believe it is...I'm assuming u are a woman and us woman need to stick togethter. Go find someone that isn't involed with someone. First of all it will only cause you heartache. If a guy can cheat on the person he is with then what makes u think he won't cheat on u too? Your doing the right thing.Not just for woman but for yourself.Good luck on your struggle.

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    First of all friendship is more important, you are suppose to be there as a Friend not a home wrecker.

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    Don't be mean. It will make it worse and then you will never go out with that who! So remember that when you are by them. Remember them as your friends. and i hope everyting will work out with that who of yours lol. best of Luck!

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    I think You already know the answer

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