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Why don't more young people go into the USA Military and fight in Iraq?

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    I have people I love and people who love me. I am 19, active and very intelligent. Why should I join a military that will almost guarantee me multiple deployments. What will I get if I joined? A few years of college, assuming I can use it in time. Some money that is loosing its value, maybe miss a limb while I am at it. Encounter Post traumatic stress syndrome, loose a good friend etc. I grew up with my parents deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and I would not wish that on anyone.

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    The US military is meeting it's recruitment goals. Even while the war is continuing. It is not the young people who decide whether to go to Iraq. The present Administration runs the war, from a political prospective. The Defense Department and Generals decide how many men to deploy, where and when.

    If the authorities think more troops are needed in Iraq, more will be recruited and more will be sent.

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    What about the old folks ???

    I guess it's probably the fact that soldiers can make more contracting for the US government. This also saves the US government a ton of GREENBACKS $$$ in lawsuits if the contractors mess-up.

    But hey, why not just open the military to civilians and give 'em a day job. If you want out your out, if you screw up your fired and pay me what I'm worth. You can still keep the 4 years for those that want the college pay.

    Once again, It goes back to reducing liabilities.

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    Because there is an inherent difference between fighting in Iraq FOR your country, and fighting in Iraq FOR the president, his cronies and the neocons.

    You see it all a play of words. I am still patriotic even if I feel that Bush's invasion and occupation of a helpless country was illegal and wrong. I am still patriotic even if I feel that the neocons convinced Bush that THEIR way was the best way.

    I am patriotic even if I feel it is NOT my duty to go to war and risk my life for bunch of old, tired, warmongering men who had convinced the world that Iraq had WMD and who had convinced the world that war was the only answer. I say, let the old men who DECLARED war, fight that war.

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    Many do. The US military is made up of young men and women some of who are not even legal drinking age. And as for going to Iraq many of them do but the go where ever thy are need the most. I say God bless them all for their courage and dedication.

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    I'm joing the Army in a year and a half.

    I'd be proud to serve in Iraq or wherever I'm sent to

    Whether it be North Korea, Iran, or Afghanistan.

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    Because this government doesn't care about their veterans. My dad is a Vietnam veteran with renal failure and diabetes. He was in the airforce for nine years. He served during the Vietnam war. To this day he doesn't receive a social security check. He's 63 and disabled. I'd honor him and my country by joining the military, but not with all the broken promises.

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    Younger people are now much more aware and have so many opportunities. They see when something is clearly wrong, and futile, so look for another way to solve things without wasting lives and resources.

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    well we shouldnt even be there in the first place, so it'll be obsurd to send more people to die for an unkown cause... by the wway are you listed? do u have a loved one, family maybe that are serving.. do u really want them in Iraq...

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    I don't care how macho a man talks, inside, no one wants to die any sooner than his time.

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