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Which is better SD or MMC for Kodak C633 digital camera?

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    This information applies to ANY digital device which uses SD type Flash memory. The MMC (Multi Media Card) was the original spec on which SD cards are built. Much the same as Compact Flash Type1 was the predecessor to Type II and Microdrive cards.

    As a result, MMC cards are inherently slower than SD cards which in the world of digital photography, translates to TIME as you wait for your memory card to save the picture you just took preventing you from getting that next great shot.

    Even the cheapo basic SD (5X-6X) cards are faster while newer SD cards have speeds as high as 150X!! This will improve the speed of your camera up to it's maximum write speed. Another thing to consider is the advertised speed of Burst and Continuous capture are based on high speed cards. If your camera can take 2.5fps (frames per second) with a high speed card, you may see 1fps or slower with an MMC card.

    Bottom line: With the rock bottom prices of SD (a 2GB 60X SD costs less than $40) it's not worth using MMC.

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