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how to get fit without stumping growth?

i want to gain muscle on my arms and lose body fat.

i am 16 year old male

whats the best way?

fastest way?

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    The best way is to consult a physical trainer. If you don't want to go the professional way then...

    1. Jogging or swimming at least thrice a week. Apart from the obvious benefits, it will also give your skin a glow that most 16 year old would love to have!

    2. Push ups for chest/shoulders and triceps and pull ups for back and arms (both biceps and forearms).

    3. Light weights for simple exercises. Specially, never forget the lower back. It is a mistake most people make (and not just 16 year Old) but without developing your lower back, any weight training will make you suceptible to injury.

    Also, if you do go with light weights, please remember to give your entire body a work out, and not just arms.

    PS: Light weights mean when you can do 20-25 repititions with fatigue. This will tone your muscles well.

    And the fastest way... the above. Forget about best abs in three weeks courses or best biceps in three weeks courses. Start building a solid foundation. By the time you are 17, your body will be pretty neat to look at!

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