The best way to curl hair.?

Usually, when I curl my hair, it turns out all frizzy ( my hair is pretty thick), or they instantly fall out. I want to get the loose curls that Sasha cohen has here, (in her yellow shirt)

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    For medium to long hair it might take a bit of work, but you too can get the waves or curls you like. For un-layered straight hair, you can get a curl, but its going to be very flat on the top of your head and very heavy and curly at the bottom. Invest in some hot rollers at Wal-Mart; getting curls only takes 10 minutes in the hot rollers. Twenty minutes if you are brave and want it really curly. As you wrap the pieces of hair on the roller spray hairspray in a downward movement and lightly stroke the ends before rolling. You get a better-defined curl. Start rolling 1-inch sections from front to back, then do your sides and top. Leave them in 10 minutes and voila! Curls-a-la-Carte. To loosen the curls apply a small amount of BioSilk for a soft shiny finish.

    For medium to long layered hair scrunch with Joico’s Ice Finisher the hardest hairspray there is out there, but combine it with a soft gel or mousse to give you a softer yet holding curl. It’s guaranteed to give you curls all day. Pin some of those pieces of hair up if you plan to make it a night-time event or hot date.

    To get the frizz out of any curl use a small amount of BioSilk to any ends. Spray on a spray shine for a final finished look.

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    Use a strong conditioner and some leave in conditioner. The things people have suggested can be too harsh on hair. Try french braiding it when it's damp (and has leave in conditioner in). Make sure the braid is tight, then go watch TV, read a book, eat dinner, or even go out like that (french braids are so cute :) ). Then take it out, put Garnier Fructose Anti- Frizz serum in it, and Bed Head Girl Toys (for maximun shine) and see how it goes. This works for most hair types, and if it's not wavy enough, use a curling iron on some of the curls for the least amount of damage.

    An amazing conditioner is John Frieda Brilliant Bruenet or Sheer Blond or whatever the hell you are.

    A great shampoo is Sunsilk Anti-poof or Anti-Frizz--works pretty well and is really moisturizing.

    Best of luck, as always.

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    The best way is actual curlers or using a curling iron. Make sure when using any of these to spray a little bit of hair spray on the curls to have maximum hold.

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    try blowdrying it and then straightening it and then curling it. its alot of work but the curls wont be frizzy

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