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lol i have braces and i smile alot but...?

sometimes if my lips are a little bit dry as my smile starts to go down my lips get stuck on top o fthe braces and it makes me look rediculous. i cant fix it with chapstick because i dont want to like have a bunch of crap on my lips,

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    Listen to Matty's advice above.

    In addition:

    1. Avoid hard,dry, and spicy food.

    2. Avoid tobacco and alcoholic beverages.

    3. drink plenty of WARM water.

    Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,

    Minh Nguyen, DDS

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    The best way to get rid of dry lips is to apply lots and lots of chapstick before going to bed so that you wont have to let any one see you in that "crap". when you wake up, youll have much better lips. 2-3 nights will do the work.

    And oh! dont forget to drink lots and lots of water.

    And a free advice:

    When you are finally gonna get rid of your braces. let them on for about a mounth or two (loosened) cuz your teeth will again start to come out because the pressure on them will be released. Ive seen some cases like that.

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    lol that happens to me too!

    Do NOT start the habit of licking your lips- it makes them dry out much worse. Use Carmex, Softlips, Blistex...something like that. I like Softlips the best because it is mosturizing, doesn't look icky and definitely keeps my lips from getting stuck to my braces. It's also cheap and comes in nice flavors. It seems like my lips are much drier since I got braces. I have become addicted to lip blam...but it's much more comfortable and keeps things lubricated! :)

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    try purelan. it's purified lanolin and they sell it in the baby department at wal-mart and target. it's really for breastfeeding mothers, but it's the best lip balm i have ever tried. it stay on all day, even through eating and drinking, and it doesn't feel like you have a bunch of crap on your lips. i hate that feelings also. either that or you could try dental wax. it goes on your braces and it's clear so no one can see it.

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    try licking our lips before you smile or start a conversation, or try liking your teeth b/c your lips will be less likely to stick.

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    A small amount of wax on the brackets may help.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lip gloss or lip stick

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lip gloss . It works for me .

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    kind of lick your lips before you smile! sounds stupid but trust me it works!!

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    Wet your lips.

    Don't Smile.

    Don't Care.

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