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Getting bigger and defined?

I'm a 14 year old guy and I'm 5'7"ish I weigh about 125 and I have a skinny frame...since a few years ago I have had a real interest in getting bigger and buffer but especially recently. I am not that big but I am pretty much am obsessed with getting buffer. I'm not rich and I don't have any sets machines or access to gyms but I do have 2 12 lb dumbbells and a good imagination...I workout everyday and my muscles are toned but not very large not matter how much I push myself I don't seem to get that large frame. Do I need to change my diet? If so what and how much should I be eating? Is it possible for a kid of my size to get the desired figure (or is it too late)?

any help will be appreciated and I should add that although I had a surgery 2 months ago (well enough to work out) I am very active I run a lot and I will stop at nothing to achieve my goals

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    eat protien foods......mushrooms, meat etc.

    you'll need more weights to get muscles bigger.....that's fo sho

    do 4 sets.....max out on the 4th set of every exercise you do

    you can also lift your own weight in creative ways.....

    -put a bar in your doorway, chin-ups

    -stand on hands and lift self

    -push ups

    can get into mild free-running and use obstacles

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    I believe you do need heavier weights in order for you muscles to grow bigger. The weight size that you do have are only good for toning. Also muscles take time to grow you are only 14 you body is still adjusting to the changes that occur at your age you have to be patient. You need to decide how big you want to be than do the research in order to achieve that goal. I would not put to much trust in the Internet websites about bodybuilding unless it is approved by a doctor.

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    "Is it possible for a kid of my size to get the desired figure (or is it too late)?"

    To be honest with you, you're more off too early than too late. You're 14 years old and your testoserone levels are low so don't expect to become the next Jay Cutler over night.

    If you wanna get big you're gonna have to eat big and lift big.

    -6 meals a day

    -1 gram of protein per pound of body weight

    -30 minutes of weight training a day, 3-4X a week

    -8 hours of rest every night

    -A positive attitude



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    If your school has a weight lifting team you might want to look in to that. But most of all eat more calories than you burn. It is never to late to get fit or buff. Actually if you have the time I would suggest quit working out and just focus on gaining weight so that when you start working out again you have more fat to make mucles. Good luck.

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    you need to get to a gym and lift heavier weights, eat a lot of healthy food

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