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do you think that the human race should survive ?

will the human race still be around in 100 years. can we, are we going to. can we make the ajustments nessesary. can we fix our mistakes or have we made too many of them to be able to fix them. what ultimatly will lead to our end??? THIS IS A VERY WIDE SPREAD TOPIC, PLEASE BE CREATIVE AND ANSWER THIS FULLY.

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    Well, there's always the Christian belief that there will be a second coming of Christ where he'll gather all the 'true' believers and take them into Heaven. The rest of the world will either just perish or be sent to Hell. So, it isn't a matter of whether we should survive because we're not supposed to if you live according to this belief. We simply will live out our lives until the "designated" time comes.

    Realistically, we are here just like every other animal or plant species throughout time. Somehow, whether it's just by a sort of strange fate or by some divine reason, we managed to come into existence. We have been here for such a very short time in comparison to how long the earth has been around; yet we are now probably the most prevalent mammal on it. The population will most likely continue to increase, but I don't foresee the problems of society ever being resolved. There will still be crime, suffering, pollution, etc., and it might be compounded with such a large world population. I'm not so sure if this alone will cause mankind to die off becase crime-in its various forms-seems to be a natural sociological law. And suffering from famine, drought, etc tends to effect only certain regions of the world in most cases. So people in other areas will continue to live. I do believe that something like a nuclear holocaust could drive us to extinction because of the sheer destructive power and lasting effects of nuclear weapons.

    I think that we as humans need to take better care of the planet. Period. We take too many things for granted, and our greed overrides concern for its natural state. If you believe that global warming is caused by humans (I'm not saying I'm resolute in my belief) than there's is a prime example. I have to wonder what percentage of people actually would care in that case. That said, I think the earth does fix itself over time. But we need to be more concerned about ourselves right now and people in future generations. Everything we do has a way of coming back around to effect us in some way. For example, perservatives in food facilitate longer shelf lives but can also lead to different illnesses. Or, destruction of coastal lands leaves those who build on them susceptible to hurricanes, tidal erosion, and floods...

    Ok, by now I'm sure I've put some people to sleep so I'll try and tie all this into one idea which I've come up with over the course of this answer. That idea is this: we can be around as long as naturally possible, as long as we take the necessary steps to preserve our lives now and those of future generations.

    PS: mchicha77 really needs a hug.

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    Hi, The human race goes to outlive for for much longer. The human race goes to slowly evolve and difference whilst the solar begins to burn out (anticipated round four billion years) the earth given that of international warming will start to end up warmer and it shall end up insufferable for human sort. Humans will evolve and or end up extinct similar to the dinosaurs. Some research's exhibit that the mountain folks will evolve quicker than the relaxation of the worlds populace. It is close to special that human sort will live to tell the tale the following years. 'Rumours' of the apocalypse taking place subsequent yr might or won't reign to be actual it's surely that it is going to no longer occur as many predictions of apocalypse's which were recorded have NOT reigned to be actual, such because the prediction of this yr, 2011. Hope this helped :)

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    Of course the species of humanity will last for more than 100 years, unless an external disaster would destroy our planet completely. You can compare us and other extinctive species and see that there is no symptom of degradation. Some ethnics and even races can disappear in time, but not the whole humanity.

  • 1 decade ago is what it is whether you like it or don't like the human race, go live in the jungle with the other animals...spread that topic there...

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