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What would you rather have happen to you?

Lets imagine that you are kidnapped, and drugged, but not harmed in any way. What would you rather have happen to you?

1) Wake up completely naked in your own city, but 3 miles from home/friends/family.


2) Wake up fully clothed, but with no money or ID, in a city, but 1000 miles away from home?

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    I would choose # 2.

    If your are in a town or city, simply walk to the nearest pay phone and make a collect call to someone.

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    I would opt for choice #1 because I am close to home and the first thing I would do is make it to a hospital and then file a police report or assault and kidnapping. I could call relatives to be there with me as well.

    Being 1000 miles away from home with no money or id will make it even harder because one would be somewhere they have probably never been and people can smell and outsider just like a lion can a fresh kill for dinner. That is a whole new can of worms I just would not want to open.

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    Option 1

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    If these are my only two choices I would think being in my own city unclothed and unharmed in any way would be the one. I had my wallet stolen once a mere 100 miles from home once and getting home from that minimal distance was difficult. A thousand miles? Quite a bit more difficult I think. Nakedness in that instance might be embarrassing but not lethal.

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    Option 1. Good question, I have often worried what would happen if I lost my wallet while traveling. You can’t fly on a plain, get a train ticket or rent a car, even if someone Western Unioned the money. Which I guess you couldn’t pick up without ID.

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    I'd say number two if I had to pick one, mostly because in the first one you naturally assume you've been raped. Having that happen three miles away from home would make you feel insecure about your own city.

    But I'd prefer neither.

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    Very interesting question. People in my town already know all of my secrets, so the first wouldn't be as devastating for me as it would for others. The second would be interesting. I've been to other states, but have only lived in 2. If you said another country where you didn't speak the language, that would be an entirely new ballgame.

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    Fully clothed hundreds of miles away. Then i would:

    a. the nearest police station and explain everything


    b. ask someone for some change then call someone on a public phone

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    the first hide and wait until night and than would go home

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    that's an awkward question but i'd probably for for option one

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