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How many times has the white house been moved?

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    In 1814, when the US was invaded by Britain, the presidential staff was moved from Washington DC elsewhere. The British invaders had to retreat due to heavy storm. In other words, when Americans were the victims-not the aggressors-God had the weather in favor of them. But that was the only time the White House was evacuated.

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    Never moved but it was rebuilt once after the British burned it down during the War of 1812. Then US President James Madison fled for his life into Virginia.Once the British were pushed back to the sea, the White House was rebuilt.

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    Good answers. But completely wrong.

    The White House is a building.

    It has never been moved since it was built; it

    was evacuated, only once.

    And the "warhawk" Congressional incompetents

    of unrealistic early republican irrationalist

    types, who had sought a second

    war with the much large British Empire, forced

    the presidential and Congressional staffs to

    have to flee the capital when their militant

    stupidity caused the same sort of situation as

    we now have in Iraq--a needless war leading

    to a disastrous conclusion. Only this mistake

    occurred on our soil.

    But, the building stayed where it was the whole time,

    and the british damaged it.

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    There was no Republican Party in 1812. The Republican Party didn't exist until President Lincoln right before the Civil War.

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