How do I get my suspended license back?

I grew up in New Jersey and recieved my first license there. My license was suspended in 1989 due to multiple traffic tickets. I was in the military at the time and was then stationed overseas. I applied for and recieved a Virginia license and used that until I retired. I am now living in California and can't get a license here because they state that my N.J. license is suspended and they can't issue me one until that is cleared up. My question is as above, how do I clear this up?

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    Generally, as with most states, you'll be required to contact the state of NJ and satisfy any outstanding fines, erc. with them. The "norm" is to satisfy the fines, penalties...whatever, they issue you a "release" of sorts to re-issue a new permit or license, then you must submit that to the BMV or DMV depending on what that particular state uses. Only after that form has been submitted to the respective licensing bureau and you have a copy of that release, can you obtain a license in another state. Some states may require you to insure the DL itself before they lift the suspension status. I really don't think that the military clause will help you with this. My understanding is that the military clause helps only if you're stationed outside your home state and only with renewal or extensions of the license...hope this helps...

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    call NJ and get intouch with a judge they will charge you a small fee only because you spent so much time in the service,did you ever get a military lic,call the calif dmv and ask if you could get a temp lic while you clear this up GOOD LUCK

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    4 years ago

    Are you precise you will the suitable court? we've now city & now we've county around appropriate right right here... If city gave you cost ticket, you pass to city.. If county gave you cost ticket, you pass to county did you exhibit the court docket clerk your hit upon(s)? You incredibly could get to the backside of this... thinking in case you do not, there may well be a warrant to your arrest for now not exhibiting up for court docket docket

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    You need to contact NJ and ask them what it will take to clear things up. Here is a link to there web site. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    What ever state that took it will have requirements for you to get it back. All you do is need to fulfill them.

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