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What can be used to get dried rubber cement off carpet?

My husband was doing a project last night and knocked over the bottle of rubber cement. He obviously did not notice it and left it there over night. I just now noticed it while cleaning house and I have no ideal on how to get it up. Does anyone have any ideas that would not bleach the carpet or further damage it.

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    Try this stuff called "Goo Gone" it works or you can try WD-40 it will lossen it up but then you have to clean to get rid of that residue and smell. I am a custodian and deal with this all the time.

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    Try acetone. Since rubber cement is a nonpolar polymer, acetone may do the trick.

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    did you try fingernail polish remover? I found this wonderful for unsticking my fingers from super glue one time and i've used it ever since for things like that.

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    Try freezing it then breaking it off. There is a freeze spray that you can buy.

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