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how can u tell if u have a male or female cockatail??

i have a cockatail its name is pepper but i dont know if its a girl or a boy.

When i first got it i thought it was a boy but the manager said thats its 2 young 2 tell so i looked online and found out that the ones w/ brighter red spots are guys but then i also heared all this other things about them. Iv hade pepper since summer mabey 5 months and i still dont can someone help plez!

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    is your cockatiel a normal grey? first of all, if its past it's first molt, (the time when you notice lots of loose feathers and prickly withe things on them (pinfeathers)) then if it's grey body with grey head it's female. if yellow head it's male. if your cockatiel is not a normal grey, aka all white, white patches, all over patches, more grey-ish brown than grey (Cinnamon variety), then there is no way at all to tell, except for behavior (iffy) or a blood feather DNA test. behavior-wise if it is past it's first molt, and is getting crankier, nipping a little more, or acting suddenly superior to you, then it might be going through the male puberty. but that's a might. the only way to tell for sure is to take it to the avian vets and get a blood feather pulled (or get a kit and do it yourself) and send it to be analyzed. the thing about the nostrils is really only for parakeets, and the cheek patches is included in the whole N. grey, male brighter yellow head and patches thing. but only for normal greys

    Good luck!

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  • Well first of all, how old is you cockatiel? If it's past his/her first molt, you can tell. If it's a boy, his head would be a very bright yellow and the orange patches on his cheeks would be very bright. He would be very loud and vocal, whistling and talking. Girl 'tiels are very quiet and have an overall duller color. She would have barring on the underside of her tail (like stripes) Her head would not be as yellow and her cheekpatches not as orange. Also, take a look at this website: Good luck!

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    If its female it will eventually lay an egg.. but usually they are grey with rosy cheeks and the boy's have a yellow head.

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    If there are horizontal stripes on top of where the tailfeather meets the butt, it's probably a girl

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    you can tell if you look at the top of there beak. If it is blue then it is a boy. If it kind of pink then it is a gril.

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    Oooo. relaxing one. Vocalizations: the tiel that tries to speak and make "songs" has a tendency to be male, those that for the time of undemanding terms do short whistles tend to be woman, neither is finished info of gender, yet works frequently. for traditional gray cockatiels: adult males have vibrant yellow heads with vibrant orange cheek patches, women people have a gray/yellow mixed head with muted cheek patches. If the tiels are sexually mature and have not had their wings clipped, women people have around spots (approximately 3 of them) on the customary flight feathers. adult males do not. (notice youthful adult males do have wing spots) final factor, for sexually mature tiels, women people have what's referred to as barring on the tails. as an occasion, I used to have lutino cockatiels, they're the all yellow tiels with vibrant orange cheek patches. adult males/women people makes no distinction, they the two look alike. on the tails of mature women people you could locate what looks like many translucent bars that run around the tail feather each and each of how down. besides as mild spots on the customary flight feathers. diverse tiel mutations have small adjustments, yet those are stable guidlines for checking genders. notice lower back: sexually inmature tiels all tend to coach as women people yet another decision, vet could be waiting to tell you. there is likewise a DNA try for birds referred to as Zoo Gen, yet I shouldn't think of you may wish it for tiels, that extra for birds whose genders look same. Ie: my sunlight conure. wish this helps Forgot to show: the two lutino tiels I had have been the two women people housed interior an identical cage, while they grew to grow to be sexually mature, considered one of all of them started exhibiting male behaviors, grew to grow to be extra vocal, tried to mate the different, who ultimately, laid infertile eggs, and so forth. that's not uncommon for sexually mature women people, so they might the two actual be woman.

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    i believe it has somethign to do with the spot underneath their tailfeathers...check this site to be sure

  • a female has multy colored and the male has one color feathers

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