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bed bath and beyond store?

what are some cool gifts for a middle aged guy and a middle aged woman at bed, bath and beyond? I have a store credit there and want to get some gifts with it for xmas there. any suggestions? I have never been


the guy likes to cook and build things and have full with hight tech toys

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    Bed Bath and Beyond has a lot of little gadgets that any guy would love. They have razors and stuff like that too. They have candles and picture frames that women would like. It's a pretty cool store, you will probably be surprised when you get there. Look online for more ideas.

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    I am white and I have never been in one. But it is a luxury store which is only shopped at for people who have enough money for things that make their life more comfortable. Basically they dont sell necessities. My friend went in there and his receipt was like $190, and he only had a couple items. So it is not a "white people" store. It is a "rich" people store. Of course if you follow stereotypes, whites are the rich ones. Update: there are cheaper alternatives to bed bath and beyond. Not to mention you can but in outlet places.

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    Soaps and lotions. They have candles also. Gift packs of a varied assortment would work well--that way they can try a variety of products.

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    Why not just give them the gift certificate, wrapped nicely?

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    find out what their interests are first, this store has everything, but it doesn't help if you don't know what they like.

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    think for the poits

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