Im not sure what to do or say to him.....?

I just found out that this guy i have known for 2 years really likes me and cares about me. He told my cousin last night that he would really like to start something with me. I would love to start a realtionship with him, the only problem is he is in the army and is being stationed in Texas for 2 years...Personally I dont think it would work out, my cousin tells me I should give it a try cause he truly cares about me and he thinks im amazing...

If he was staying then I would DEFFINATLY want to have a relationship with him.. He is a AWESOME guy abd we get along great and there is deffinatly chemistry there....

So basically my question is, should I give it a try or not?


For those of you who want to know how long of a long distance realtionship this MIGHT turn out to be, I live in New Hampshire...So its not like I could take a weekend to go see him

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    If you like him, then of course you should give it a try.

    Yet, before you do you have to think very carefully, being separated for two years is a long time, and you are young. Ask yourself the following questions before you decide.

    Could you be faithful for the times you are separated?

    Would you question his fidelity?

    Long distance relationships can and do work out, but not unless you can both trust each other totally.

    Maybe you could date other people, get a 'feel' for life, spend the next two years, finding out who you are, and at the same time, being a very good friend to this guy.

    True love will wait, and if it is meant to be, it will happen for you.

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    Long distance is tough! And if you go at it the wrong way you could end up hurting him as well as yourself. Basically don't start some thing you know you can't finish or might end up to be a disaster. GL tho!

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    You know, if you both like each other so much, you can wait until he comes back, and if you both still like each other, then try it. Long distance things rarely work out so why ruin it by starting something now unless you plan to go with him.

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    If you love him enough. Are you are sure that if being girlfriend and boyfriend dosn't work out that you can always be friends. I know a friend that went out with a boy that was her friend and they were never friends again. Just be careful that you don't ruin a good friendship.

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    Why not?

    How far away are you? How old are you? Those two things will make a big difference.

    Lots of Army guys are great (I'm married to one).

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    Give it a try but set a deadline if it isn't going the way u want. good luck

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