Should Children be forced to attend Church or religious schools?

If your child was say over 10 years old and no longer wanted to go to church or Religious school, would you force them to? Should they be allowed to investigate other faiths? Or should they share your faith while they are still under your roof?

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    The primary responsibility of educating a child rests with the parents. Education is more than the three R's.. it includes passing on a culture, civilization and way of life. The parents are the first in line to see that this is done and parents must make choices based on their primary responsibility and to some that may mean a religiously based school.

    A word or two to those that say let the kids make up their own minds..... letting child make important decisions without strong parental influence is an abdication of the responsibility of being a parent. Before too many people jump down my throat take a moment and look at the children around you and you will see that as kids get older and begin to take their own place in the world as an adult they will make all sorts of decisions (religious and others) that do not fall in line with mom and dad. So, until them .... parent your children. It is your responsibility!

    Source(s): history and foundations of education
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    The sole message of christ is that every individual has the free will to eventually choose or deny him. Faith cannot be forced.

    On the otherhand, pivate schools whether they are religious or not seem to be better choice for a better education during grade school years.

    Sending your kid to a religious school is not forcing your child to believe in your religion. It may be the only option for you if the public school in your area isn't very good.

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    Yes I would have my children go to church- and of course school! You have got to be a senseless parent if you let them skip school because it is a christian school. I know the truth of Jesus Christ and I want my kids to know the same, because there is nothing more important- and right now my kids love the Lord, and they understand the gospel- and it brings me great joy that God is working in their lives- I see it! I pray over them daily. That they would walk in His truth and do what is right in His eyes.

    For as the Bible says:Proverbs 22:6

    Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

    Source(s): Holy Bible
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    I believe that a child should be able to decide when the child reaches 18. I'm old fashioned and i believe that a child who lives in a parents household should attend church if the Parents do. When the child turns 18, they can believe in what-ever their heart desires. It just keeps peace in the family for everyone to be in unity.

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    If I attend, and want my children to attend, than until they are 18, I have that right as a parent. It harms them in no way.

    Personally, I would not force them too, and would encourage they investigate it. If they dont want to go because they are concerned what is being taught isnt for them, stay home. If they dont want to go because they'd rather play video games, they'll go with me. The reason behind why they dont want to is everything

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    No. I went to Catholic School all through my childhood, and I was forced to go to church. It didnt amount to much good because at the time I considered it a waste of time. It wasnt until my late 20's that I discovered Jesus on my own. And now all I can say is that "I feel so alive".

  • Children are people and like anyone else they MUST be respected. You have no right whatsoever to force your kid to go to church or to believe in something he/she doesn't feel like believing. They SHOULD be not only allowed but TAUGHT to investigate other faiths, and learn about other cultures, otherwise in this world there'll be less and less tolerance. Peace.

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    No...they should do what their parents tell them, considering their parents have had far more years of life experience to know the direction in which to steer them. They are not just under my roof but under my authority. They are my responsibility. I am responsible to instill in them a sense of morals and values and to tell them where I got such tell them the truth and to love and encourage them when they do good and to discipline when they are bad. Of course we should all teach our children what we believe is right and good. It's every parents responsibility. If they didn't, then they don't really deserve to be parents.

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    Of course not. I stopped going to church around the age of 12 or so, although I did go to Catholic high school - I always found a way not to have to pay attention to mass. It was the best high school in the area, and I wanted to go to college.

    Don't force your children to believe - that's the quickest way to get atheists out of them. I should know.

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    Ideally they would want to go, but yes to some extent it can be necessary, but only if done with just the right amount of pressure. Too little and they wont get the message at all, too much and you drive them away.

    But regardless of where you go someone is pushing some kind of thought down your throat, either Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or atheist.

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