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Girls, help me out here!?

Last night after me and my boyfriend had sex my fluid was really thick and white and not runny... but not chunky like when you have a yeast infection and its not itching or burning. Also, today as i was having a bath and cleaning my "area", white stringy discharge came out with the water (and a lot of the time im mostly dry down there) and i was wondering what this could be and how to make it go back to normal... its kind of embarassing!


Condom used everytime:)

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    you should check it out wit a doctor.

    im actually writing about a question you answered of mine, about the patch and pill...

    im actually thinking about switching to the pill, because i think, the patch has more risks involved

  • Ashley
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    No sweetie, that is perfectly normal. That extra stuff that came out during the bath was just left over fluid from the night before. Your discharge is just your bodys way of lubricating and cleaning out.

  • Anonymous
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    As long as you use a condom EVERYTIME you have sex you should be okay. If you don't go to your doc and get checked for STD's. Discharge happens to relieve your body of waste it doesn't need and unusual discharge can be a symptom of a STD. Play it safe and get checked.

  • ?
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    As Ashley said, normal.

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  • Anonymous
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    those r call herpies and you will get them before old are you!

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