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What is the metric equivelant of ounces and cups?

For my area scince fair i forgot to

change ounces to the metric form

and cups to the metric form

any help?


it is

7 ounces


12 cups

Update 2:

it is

7 ounces


12 cups

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    There are approximately 28 grams in one ounce. One cup is approximately 250 milllilitres.

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    a million cup = 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 a million 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3etric ki5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3ogra5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 = 250ml.250ml pounds and you will take it fro5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 there Edit: 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 gra5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3s At 4 °C, the density of water is exact5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3y a million gra5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 in line with 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3, so it wi5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 weigh 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 gra5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3s. At te5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3peratures close to that (case in point at roo5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 te5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3perature), the load wi5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 be extremely c5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3ose, yet no longer exact5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3y equa5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3, to 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 gra5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3s. So a5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 in a5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 you may no longer rea5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3y convert a cup [5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3] to gra5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3es or ouncesdue to the fact it wi5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 be counted on the density of the 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3iquid. yet 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3ore or 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3ess, a million cup = 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3 and for that reason 5de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a35de34b83fd718327939b0cdc54258a3g.

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    It's some sorta "liters".

    1 fluid ounce = .0296 liters = 2.96 hectaliters, I think.

    1 quart = .9461 liters. Since there are 2 pints in a quart, I guess that a pint = half that (you do the math!).

    Try the 1st site below for instand "Java" conversion then the 2nd tells you the metric prefixes for proper translation:

  • 1 decade ago

    1 US fluid ounce = 29.5735297 milliliters

    1 ounces = 28.3495231 grams

    1 US cups = 236.588238 milliliters

    Source(s): Google
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  • 1 decade ago

    look in a cook book or google "metric system"

  • 1 decade ago

    ounces .. kg

    cups ...... ml

    but you have to look it up go to www.wikipedia.com

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