Coming out to parent?

I'm 15 and my mom is a single brother's in college and I know he wouldn't care if I was gay or not but my mom's a very devout muslim...any advice?

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    My step daughter didn't come to me until after she was 18 and living on her own. When she told me that she was a lesbian, she was suprised to have learned that I knew it all along. It's just a hunch Mom's have, but I respect her more for finally coming to me. I think if you are close to your Mom, you need to talk with her..A mother always loves their child, no matter what. You may find her to be more supportive of you than what you are giving her credit for.

    Good Luck to You!

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    1 decade ago

    Oof I do understand your hesitation to tell her,I have many Muslim friends that are gay and got married because of family pressure.They are so sorry that they never told their parents,then these marriages would never have taken place:now they live double lives:can you imagine this?

    Being gay and forced to get married.And produce babies to keep the peace?

    Will this happen to you too?

    Are family members gonna find you a bride as well?

    You better tell her when the time is ripe:Try to stay calm,but first inform your brother,then go talk to her together.

    That might work better than you talking to her on your own.Be prepared to hear all kinds of nasty things against it.

    Try to stay true to yourself:you have so many years ahead of you:don't waste them being in denial.

    If you need further advice:you may and can IM me:no problem.

    Greetings Rob.XXXX

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    Find mailing list's that deal with this issue. Email your concerns and I'm sure you'll get tons of great advice.

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    that one sounds alot harder then mine, specially your moms religious back ground..come out to your brother first and see if he can help u come out to your mom

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  • 1 decade ago

    take her to a private spot in ur house and tell her the truth. if shes yells at u, tell her "i am what i am" and if she still argues, leave the room.

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