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Ex-smokers: How did you quit? How many times did it take before you were sucessful?

How many cigarettes/packs did you smoke a day at the time of your quitting? I need to know this because I want to sucessfully quit for the new year, but I've tried so many times before and failed. I would like to know what worked for others and implement that in my cessation. I've already tried the patch and Zyban-not only did it not work, but I smoked more cigarettes after I returned to smoking.

What techniques did you use? How did you deal with situations/times you would normally smoke? Stress? Help a sistah out, please!!!!

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    I smoked for 38 years

    I smoked Marlboro 3 packs a day

    I tried and failed dozens of times

    I finally quit 6 years ago

    I used Welbutrin (purple pill) with 2% orange necoret gum. I would chew 4 to 5 pieces at a time. It took a combination of both 2-weeks and I new I beat it. I have no desire to smoke and I can be around other smokers. I don't believe on banning smoking by Big Brother.

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    I used to smoke a pack or more a day.

    What I did, I started smoking less of a cigarette--as in putting it out when I was only 3/4 of the way done with it. Then I would smoke 1/2, and just light up the butt and finish the other half.

    Eventually it got to the point where I didn't even want one that badly. I've been quit from them for over 2 years now.

    Best of luck to you!!

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    I'm not a smoker, but my Grandpa was. He was diagnosed with cancer in his sinus cavities and quit cold turkey. Never smoked another cigarette again. Unfortunately, he had a variety of other medical problems (most of which were linked to smoking) and he died in 1993 due to a combination of a heart attack and a stroke. He died 13 years after his health problems started and his doctors told him there is no way he would have lived that long if he hadn't of quit smoking and without my Grandma taking such good care of him.

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    Well, I was starting to have trouble inhaling so that helped me stop, but I bought lots of bags of candy and whenever I wanted a smoke, I popped a Jolly Rancher, M&M's Peanuts, etc in my mouth instead. I quit on the first try. I became a candyholic for about 2 weeks.

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    i didn't smoke too many, about a half a pack a day. the first time i quit for at least a year. i went to mardi gras and smoked a whole pack in an hour and it was gross after that. i took it up again and really only smoked because it was something to do. i never smoked at home. only in the car and on smoke breaks at work. one day i just decided that it was really gross and i couldn't stand the taste of them anymore. i think i'm just one of the lucky ones.

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    it took my daddy about 6 montha to quit and he hasnt smoked for 4 years straight!!

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