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Discuss briefly five factors that affect behavior?

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    Physical Needs... food, water, shelter & clothing, security

    Social Needs... fun, power, belonging, freedom

    A person is like a car in my analogy to the class. The engine is what you need and motivates all behaviors. The steering wheel is what you want that will satisfy those needs. The rear wheels provide the power. They are physiological and emotional response to the environment. The front wheels guide. They are your thoughts and actions. The only thing you can choose.

    Example... student feels left out and has the need to belong or be part of the group... the engine... he steers his wheel to get attention....student decides he wants to achieve this by jumping around and aggiatating others.... he realizes that this doesn't help him get anywhere... his rear wheels experience frustration, anger, a rise in body temperature, and an increased heart rate... this person needs assistance in deciding how to think and act to achieve his goal or he will have an accident

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    Home environment affects behavior. Were our parents rigid, abusive, negligent, responsible, more laid back or somewhere in between?

    Stress affects behavior. If a child has parents that argue or are going through divorce, the male child will act out whilst the female child will go inward.

    Genetics affect behavior. The first I think of is ADHD.

    Peer pressure affects behavior. What is expected from us among our friends or co-workers?

    Birth order affects our behavior. Are we the responsible older child or the younger more playful sibling?

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    a million) lack of self belief. 2) Had a annoying journey. 3) lack of love & interest. 4) environment isn't pleasant to toddler. 5) toddler isn't bodily & mentally properly, needed some specialist help.

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    feeling loved - children who feel unloved are more reckless

    feeling secure - if they know exactly what to do and what to expect children will respond well

    hunger - hungry children can't behave

    the weather - windy weather causes the worst behaviour

    peer pressure - and a need to be accepted

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