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I want to get pregnant but im taking yasmin birth control pills is there any way i could still get pregnant?

i dont want to completely stop taking them because i have really irregular periods. so i was wondering if i skip around or something could i still become pregnant?

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    STOP taking them... they can cause birth defects if you continue them. You can still get pregnant even though you have irregular periods- that's why I take Yasmin... I ended up preggo while on it... but I think another medication had an interference. Just don't keep taking the pill if you want to get pregnant, that will only hurt your chances.

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    Although many people do get pregnant while on the birth control pill, birth control is it's primary purpose.... So continuing to take the pill while trying to get pregnant may not work for you. Also, skipping pills can lead to irregularities in your cycle anyway, so while you may not get pregnant, you might have to deal with an irregular period anyway. The best thing to do would be to talk to your physician. He/she may be able to recommend an alternative method to keep your period regular. Or you may just have to put up with irregular cycles until you do conceive... hopefully it won't take long! Good luck!

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    Possibly you can get pregnant but because you have irregular periods it will be hard to say you will get pregnant. In my opinion, birth control pills are not good to take for someone who has irregular periods and trying to conceive. The reason I say this is, some women periods continues to be irregular even after they stop the pill. I have irregular cycles and my Dr. did not recommend I take birth control pills because I am TTC. He instead gave me a prescription of 3 types of medication one of them being clomid to help with the ovulation. To be very honest with you, I haven't taken any of it. I was reading up on herbs for women with irregular periods and I started taking Vitex which is an herb for women with irregular periods trying to conceive. I got it out of an natural herb store. Vitex comes in a pill form, cost $7.90 and thus far has been doing great with my menstrual cycle. You may need to ask your Dr. if there are other alternatives other then the pill. Some people get pregnant while taking the pill but most don't. Good Luck.

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    yes you could get pregnant if you skip them here or there but the problem is if you get pregnant while taking them it could cause birth defects so if you really want to get pregnant stop the pill

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    First, stable which you will the medical institution on Monday. i does not do the rest till you have a blood attempt to know for particular. 2d - you do no longer ovulate once you're on the pill. So with the help of lacking lots of pills there is an evident probability which you probably did get pg, yet in all probability no longer, when you consider which you have been on the pill form of continuously. As on your classes being time-honored, they might have been previously the pill and can stay, yet if you consider that that's the 1st finished month which you have been off the pill your era might no longer be as time-honored as predicted. And genuine, many women human beings do adventure fake negatives, subsequently, make certain you get a blood attempt on Monday. till then there's no longer lots extra which you're able to do besides wait. in straightforward terms for the checklist, the pull out technique isn't something to play around with. in case you do no longer decide for to alter into pg use condoms or bcp or some solid variety of delivery administration. in basic terms b/c he pulls out for ejaculation does not advise that extremely some the pre ejaculation (that still incorporates sperm) did no longer get into you previously he pulled out, and as all of us know it in straightforward terms takes one to get your pg. And looking on why you ignored all those pills in Feb. i might evaluate a distinctive variety of delivery administration different than the pill, possibly depo, or the hoop, or patch or s/factor which you do no longer must you will decide for to take common. Your wellbeing practitioner might produce different information. that made him inform you if the attempt replaced into adverse then to initiate back on your pills. do no longer discredit him, yet consistently ask questions in case you do no longer comprehend why they're telling you to do s/factor . stable success and that i'm hoping that whichever way you're hoping this is going that it is going that way for you.

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    They call them birth control for a reason, they prevent pregnancy. Although, these drugs do have failure rates, you shouldn't rely on those rates to hopefully get pregnant. If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, you would do best to get off birth control.

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    Yes a person can get pregnant while taking birth control pills but the chances are slim.

    I would talk to your OB/GYN about it.

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    how long have you been on birth control? i had to do the same thing to start my cycle at the same time each month i took it for two month and now I'm going to see my Dr. so he can take me off of it

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    you should really talk to your doctor to figure out you can do to get pregnant.

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