Did Jesus go to Hell ?(see explanation)?

Matthew 5:22 ...whosoever shall say, "THOU FOOL", shall be in danger of hell fire.

Matthew 23:17 YE FOOLS and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold?

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    ah, another good question skeptic...

    you should keep it up!

    anyway, my 2 cents worth is the word "fool" there were used differently (& do not mean the same thing)... if other people would want to research it further they would need to find out the exact word used in the original text...

    but, as far as there are already a lot of different interpretations about that, about hell & so many different arguments about whether Jesus did go to hell...

    i'll use a little logic...

    Jesus indeed (suffered &) died physically for humankind so as to take away the sins of the world... but He also needed to go to a place we shall call hell (which is supposed to have been the place of punishment).

    He also had to go there to suffer the consequences of the sins of the world, so as to totally absolve humankind... (both for the physical death & the spirtual death)

    if we follow the original creed (which stated He descended into hell)... He should have-- but only for a little while (3 days or so) & that is why we can say that Jesus have indeed triumphed over everything. (& of course there is that key thing that He had to take back...although I need to study more about that one)

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    This part also puzzles and saddens me. It seems too cruel. Probably it is something we just cannot understand with our limited intelligence. Or perhaps we are not supposed to believe it literally. Some people say separation from God is Hell. Others say Hell is here on Earth, for some people (who are suffering a great deal.) Who hasn't had experiences before that we considered "hellish", they were so horrible and difficult. Yet they were temporary. You ask a very good question. I think there are some churches that don't believe in a literal Hell, and as far as I'm concerned, even if you go to Church, and are a Christian, you don't have to believe everything that is taught completely. And you can change your mind on different topics, as you mature and age. Nothing is set in stone. Sometimes we just have to accept that we don't know, and perhaps never will know (or be certain) of everything. But embrace the good things about Christianity that make you a better person, and try not to think about the terrible things that make you sad. In the end, you are only responsible to God for yourself (and perhaps your children, to an extent). Good luck in your spiritual journey.

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    LOL...hmmm...interesting reasoning.

    Well, on the outset it may look as Jesus did.

    There's a slight difference in what he was talking about and what he himself did call some.

    Jesus Christ rightly referred to the scribes and Pharisees as "fools and blind ones," that is, persons lacking wisdom and being morally worthless, for they had distorted the truth by man-made traditions and followed a hypocritical course. Moreover, Jesus backed up the correctness of this designation by illustrating their lack of discernment. (Mt 23:15-22; 15:3)

    However, the individual wrongly calling a brother a "despicable fool," judging and condemning his brother as being morally worthless, would make himself liable to Gehenna.-Mt 5:22; Ro 14:10-12; Mt 7:1, 2.

    See the difference ?!

    A sidepoint...

    Jesus did go to 'hell', but for other reasons.

    What I mean by that ?

    Notice Acts 2:22-27. Here, some bible translations uses the word 'hell', others use 'Hades' or 'grave'.

    So for 3 days Jesus was in 'hell'. However, the hell not being a burning place of punishment but simply the place for dead. (Ecc 9:5,10)

    Interesting isn't it ?!

    Source(s): The bible Bible references
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    Mathew 5:22 states that he that says to his brother Thou fool is in danger Mathew 23 It is obvious these are not considered the brethren of Christ. Did you consider that the blind hypocrites he was talking to his brothers?

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    Yes, he did. Since, hell is only the common grave, when Jesus died, he was buried in hell (hades in Greek) and was there sleeping in death for the better part of three days and then God resurrected him back to life.

    Acts 2:31-32--"He seeing this before spake of the resurrection of Christ, that his soul was not left in hell, neither his flesh did see corruption. This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses.

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    Yes, to open the doorway of heaven for the patriarchs to enter and also to inform Beelzebub to prepare for his immortality is no longer, the heal shall crush the serpent's head.

    After the Crucifixion Jesus went to the under world for 3 days, this could also mean he went to America as a spirit to inform one of the hidden gentiles of Abram (Abraham), to prepare for the 2ND coming of the Great White Spirit.

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    Yes Jesus did go to hell. The word hell means the grave. Jesus did indeed die, so therefore he went to hell, 0r the grave. The great thing though is that he was resurrected and now sits at the right hand of his father.

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    Yes, when he died he was laid to rest in a tomb. The hell in the Bible is nothing more than the common grave of mankind and all who die go there. Jesus was in the Biblical hell for three days, then Jehovah, his God and Father resurrected him back to spirit life. Today though, those of the 144,000 will be tranformed in the twinkling of an eye to spirit life so as to serve in heaven.

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    We know translations of Bible into modern tongues. New testament says that Jesus was in hell before resurrecting. The word ‘hell’ is for ancient Greek ‘aides’, which meant the kingdom of dead – kind of poetic, nothing sinister.

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    You missed the part where he resisted temptation from the Devil for 40 days and 40 nights, I guess. Unlikely that He'd be busted to Hell for such a misdemeanor in light of his record, don't you think?

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