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How do I retro fit win2k (Windows 2000 Prof) onto my Tosh laptop, it currently has win XP.?

Every time I put the bootable win2k cd in it tells me I can fit an older OS than the one im using. My current XP was loaded by a "mate", and its counterfiet. Also my laptop only has 190mb of ram so win2k works better on it. I have a aux drive so can delete entire HDD if needed. No floppy drive, only CDR. Thanks

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    If for some reason the Win2k CD will not install when you boot from it after restarting your computer with the CD in the drive, then you could remove the partition so that it does not recognize that the XP install is there. You can use a program such as Partition Magic, or any of the many free partitioning programs to do this with. Just remove the whole partition that Windows XP is on. After doing this, you won't be able to boot into WinXP anymore and the Win2k installation will not know that it is there. Now try booting from the Win2k CD and installing.

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    do you put the disk into the computer when it is currently running windows will have to completly reinstall windows 2000 over back up what you want to keep to that other drive. Put the cd in the computer restart it and tell it to boot from the cd...then simply follow the directions(enter bios and rearrange the boot order if it doesn't boot from the cd before trying the HDD).

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    Reboot the pc with the Win2k CD in the CDRom and do a clean install from the CD.

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