How would you raise a child so that he/she doesn't turn gay?

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    um...ok...thanks for 2pts....hope ur not serious...

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    You can't and why would you? If your child is gay then that is just the way they are you should support them. Trying to force them into being straight will do nothing but alienate them and turn them aginst you. You should love your child whether they are gay, bi or straight, what matters is their happiness not their sexual orientation... And by the way, constantly drumming into them that homosexuality is wrong won't do a damn thing. If they are gay then they are gay but doing that to them, even if they are straight, might just make them rebel and experiment with the same sex just to spite you. Maybe that would be just what you deserve for being so predjudice.

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    You can't. But the best thing you can do for your 3.5 year old seems to be giving them a Barbie if they want one. Even if they are a boy.

    Socially girls are normally given a Barbie or some similar doll at, early on in or before 3. Neglecting this or makeing the doll out to be a sex object and refuseing this creates a negative image for your daughter about her body and sexuality [I think I meant Gender],.. later on she won't come to you and talk to you openly about things.

    Many boys seem to want female dolls and parents deny them this because of their gender. The boys can already have crushes on girls or an eye for picking out women. Haveing the doll at home, even if they try to hide it because MANLY MEN (Closet cases) tease their boys/sons and force them to be mean to their friends, encourages their interest and open-ness towards women later,.. *is being bothered by someone in reality*

    Lastly-- You can't control it. If they are seriously homosexual there may be a chemical unbalance or their brain may physically be wired different. They may also turn out to be the oposite gender but their bodies are screwing up and over produceing some hormones while ignoreing others. However there is also a trend to be Homosexual or Bisexual,.. that is a phase that if you ignore but occasionally point out things that don't make sense for them they tire of and move on with their lives being straight/heterosexual.


    Chelz: I loved Spider-Man when I was little (so long ago,..). I had an action figure and I'd dance around singing and stuff. Currently because of the movies Spider-Man is considered Gender-Neutral instead of For Boys Only.

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    I don't really think there is a certain way to raise a child to turn them gay. No matter what, I think that person in the end makes it a decision of theirs whether to be gay or not.

    Also, don't be worried if kids are curious about toys or shows that are meant for the opposite sex. If a girl starts playing with a Spider Man action figure, that doesn't mean she's gay. If a boy is playing with a Barbie that doesn't mean he's gay. It's just kids playing and having fun. Eventually, I will raise my kids with love and discipline. I won't worry about them being gay or not, because like i said, it's their choice. Not how you raise them.

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    How can you prevent your child from becoming gay? That is impossible. It is your child's right what sexual orientation they desire. Believe or not your children, including yourself experiment sexually, some more than others. When we experiments some we find ourselves pleased during the course more than others. Also, a child may come encounter with a pedophile who harms them and their gender orientation is changed from that also, which I think is so unfortunate.

    For example most promiscuous women were raped. People should just be open minded because this world is so different and that is what makes us and culture so amazingly interesting.

  • m930
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    In a way, I don't think you really can.... my uncle is gay, and had some early signs when he was young. My grandma said he loved helping her with the flowers, going shopping, things like that. I think if you push someone to not be gay, it might end up pushing them the opposite direction you want them to go. Be happy for your child no matter what journey he or she takes. I've always known my uncles partner as another uncle- he's the nicest guy in the world-they both are, and neither of them "act gay."

  • Vicky
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    I do not think that you really have any control when it comes too that because children is going to do what they want to do. All you can do as a parent is be supportive..

    I have 4 children and if any of them turn out gay, I will accept it and love them no matter what...

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    I believe a person sexual orientation is already set into place when they're born. I do not believe homosexuals are 'choosing' be this way. People can not help who they are attracted to and who they fall in love with.

    Second of all, I would not 'plant' any negative information into my child's head about homosexuality. It will cause them to have negative views upon others and if my son happens to be gay, something like this could cause him not to trust me and he would not open up to me about this.

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    wow, you must be really predjudice agianst gay people. i can't even believe you are asking this question. if your child whom you have raised for so many years turns gay, you're just going to shut the door in their face? it's a sexual arientation, it doesn't change who the person is. maybe this is a lesson you need to learn and not your child. YOU, are unbelievable.

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    First of all, they don't TURN gay. They're born that way.

    So wait ... I just answered your question. You can't. It has nothing to do with how you raise them.

    However, if you want to make them fearful of being gay and hateful toward gay people, raise them in a radical, evangelical, anti-homosexual Christian church and lecture them every Sunday on how horrible gay people are and how AIDS is God's way of punishing them. But don't come crying to me when your kid kills him/herself because they realize they're gay and can't deal with it because of all the hate they've been taught.

    Source(s): gay friend who killed himself because of all the hate he'd been taught
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    People don't just turn gay and you should know that. People who are gay are born gay. There is nothing wrong with it either. To each their own I say. Its not the easiest lifestyle but its the way they are born .... no different then the eye colour or hair colour and its nothing to be ashamed of either.

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